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Patients with missing teeth who are thinking about improving their smile with dental implants in Washington DC should consider using dental implants to fully restore their smile. This extraordinary procedure performed  uses the power of modern technology to makeover your smile with dental implants in one hour or less.

With this advancement in Washington DC dental implants, painful surgeries for dental implants that would typically take months are now a thing of the past. The procedure involves taking a three-dimensional x-ray of the patient’s mouth, which we use to carefully plan how the surgery will be performed with the aid of a computer. With this breakthrough procedure that ensures safety, patients can now have the smile they have always wanted through a procedure that produces exceptional results with minimal pain.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Implants

We used advanced technology to change how dental implants in Washington DC were previously performed. The issue of missing teeth is a relatively common dental concern that used to be corrected through bridges or through irritating and tedious placement of dentures. Utilizing the power of recent technology, we can now offer dental implants without the painful cutting, significant discomfort and bleeding that occur with other implant procedures.

When patients arrives for their first consultation, a machine known as the I-CAT, which is similar in nature to a CAT scan, is used to take a three-dimensional image of the patient’s mouth. Once we have the image, we are able to devise a precise plan of where the implants will be placed, eliminating the need to cut the gums.

An impression is made that goes into the mouth of the patient, which allows us to place the implants in the exact areas where they are needed. When patients returns for their next appointment, the mold is placed into the mouth, the implants are placed and ceramic teeth are attached. The entire procedure, which we refer to as Your Third Set of Teeth, takes less than an hour of the patient’s time.

Pain and potential infection are eliminated during the procedure since there is no cutting of gum tissue. The new implants are inserted into the template, allowing for easy and precise placement. A local anesthetic is administered during the procedure, with the majority of patients not experiencing pain or discomfort during or after the procedure. In the event that a patient does experience mild discomfort, it can be alleviated by taking aspirin or Tylenol.
Right after the completion of the procedure. While there is a mild recovery period, most patients can resume their normal eating habits when the procedure is completed.
Any patient who has missing teeth is considered for the procedure. Whether a patient has lost his or her two front teeth, lost teeth to periodontal disease, tooth decay or is tired of the irritation and time required when using dentures, virtually anyone interested in Washington DC dental implants can benefit from this procedure.
It has been estimated that people who wear dentures spend upwards of $12,000 ensuring their dentures are secured. This does not include time spent maintaining their dentures or removing adhesive from their palate. Patients who wear dentures must also endure embarrassment when dentures become loose, gum irritation and discomfort from food becoming lodged between the gum tissue and the device. These issues will no longer be a concern after undergoing this procedure.
The lab located in our facility manufactures the new teeth. This significantly reduces waiting time for the patient and ensures that the new teeth fit properly and are the desired shape and color.
The total cost will vary depending on each patient and how much work is required in placing the implants. Patients should consider this procedure as an investment in their dental health. The new teeth the patient receives are permanent and cavities will never be a concern for him or her after the procedure.  At Drs. Ingber & Prestipino we are proud to offer financing through Care Credit because a healthy smile should always be affordable.
This is the most rewarding aspect of Teeth in an Hour. Patients will no longer have to feel ashamed to smile or use their hands to hide their teeth. Most patients do not know that a simple procedure will give them a magnificent smile that will allow them to smile with confidence.

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